NETZSCH Dosing Technology: NEMO® Dosing Components

Barrel Emptying Units for Dosing without Dripping

NETZSCH barrel emptying units draw themselves towards the bottom of the barrel and empty barrels and containers in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries with the absolute minimum of product wastage. The heart of the barrel emptying unit is a NEMO® progressing cavity pump. When the pump is started a vacuum is created below the follower plate, which at the same time creates a light pressure on the media to guarantee a consistent suction into the pump.
Versions: Frame in stainless steel, other materials optional, mobile or stationary.


Large Range of Capacities

Capacities from approximately 6 ml/min to 10 m³/h

Barrel Sizes

Barrels between 20 l to 200 l as standard


  • Gentle conveyance
  • Free of pulsation
  • Shear and pressure sensitive
  • Smooth transport of media with solids
  • Conveyance independent of temperature and viscosity
  • Complete discharge, residues <1%
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Stainless steel, easy to clean



NEMO® Dispensers – For the highest dosing accuracy

NEMO® dispensers guarantee very precise dosing and high repeatability. As a result of these qualities NEMO® dispensers are being used for various applications in the cosmetic industry, in the chemical industry, in the production of consumer goods or industrial goods, electrical equipment or electronic packaging.

Mainly used for media with the following properties:

  • Capacity proportional to the speed of drive
  • Dosing accuracy ±1% volumetric
  • Versatile use in applications that require robotics and servo technology
  • Valve free dosing method
  • Optional heating
  • Perfect for shear sensitive products, such as media with micro balloons

Large Range of Capacities

Capacities between approximately 0.2 to 4,0 ml/rev. and 9 ml/rev

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