Positive displacement pumps from NETZSCH have been used for six decades to guarantee process reliability in the demanding field of mining worldwide.

NETZSCH Pumps and Systems offers two different technologies for mining industry: NEMO® progressing cavity pumps and TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps.

We believe that both types of pumps can be successfully applied in difficult mining conditions. However, we also believe that NEMO® and TORNADO® pumps have their unique features and are not always replaceable.


  • Reduce wear costs
  • Ability to pump slurries even with high solids content
  • Transport very abrasive, dense and viscous media
  • Conveying of aggressive media
  • Save time and money on maintenance

Applications in Mining

  –   Dewatering

Dewatering High pressure capabilities coupled with a reliable
and robust construction ensures water levels are kept in
check. As the pumps are able to handle suspended so
lids, separation can be carried out above ground.

  –   Mineral Slurry transfer of all types

Mineral Slurry transfer of all types Irrespective of which mineral slurry is needed to b
e transferred NETZSCH pumps and Systems will select
the most appropriate pump for your application. Zin
c or copper, NEMO® or TORNADO® pump, there will
be no compromise.

  –   Explosives

Explosives With the compact construction of the BY pumps they
can be easily truck mounted for the bore hole filling of
tertiary explosives. Equipped with hydraulic drives
the pumps can be simply driven without complicatio

  –   Back filling applications

Back filling applications Where thickened slurries need to be back-filled a NEMO®
hopper pump is used. High pressure and
capacity capabilities, coupled with low wear rates
ensure reliable cost effective operation.

  –   Gland seal water

Gland seal water The high pressure capabilities of the NEMO® progres
sive cavity pump ensures that gland seal water can
be safely supplied to critical glands at pressures
of up to 50 bar and higher. The ideal combination of high
pressure, lower flow rate pulsation free discharge
ensures the ideal seal operating conditions.

  –   Chemical dosing

Chemical dosing For the dosing of all types of chemicals and additi
ves the NEMO®
pump is the ideal choice. With a flow rate
directly proportional to the rotation speed the pum
p can accurately dose the required chemicals without

  –   Leachates

Leachates With rubber lined pump housing and components manuf
actured from titanium, hastelloy, the pumps can be
installed on the most difficult of applications to
handle leachate and other extremely aggressive media.

  –   Thickener Underflow Pumps

Thickener Underflow Pumps A TORNADO® T2 rotary lobe pump or a NEMO®
progressing cavity pump? We will select the pump type
most suitable for your application, completely impa
rtially. This ensures you get the right pump for the right

  –   Yellow cake

Yellow cake For the transfer of uranium yellow cake the NEMO®
progressing cavity pump can be supplied as a hopper
type pump for direct installation under thickening

  –   Wastewater Processing

Leachates The correct treatment of waste water from mining op
eration is of great concern to the environment.
progressing cavity and TORNADO®
rotary lobes have been installed in their tens of
throughout the world to handle and treat dirty or c
ontaminated water.

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