Oil & Gas

The wide product range of NETZSCH Pumps and Systems provides the optimum solution for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream applications in the oil, water and gas production, transfer and processing.

Upstream Solutions

The Progressing Cavity Pump System is the perfect solution when you face difficult media in the oilfield. NETZSCH offers different types of PCP pumps, drive heads and special pump systems to provide the best solution for your application.

NETZSCH Progressing Cavity Pump System

Product Range

  • Pump Equipment
  • Drive Head Equipment
  • Rod String Equipment
  • Well Head Equipment
  • Accessories and Service

Application Range

  • Conventional oil production
  • Heavy oil production
  • Dewatering of gas wells
  • CBM/Coal Seam Gas
  • Thermal water production

Midstream and Downstream Solutions

NETZSCH products for Mid/Downstream applications
have proved their reliability over decades.

NETZSCH conveys your crude oil to where you need it
. With our pumps, the viscosity and composition of
your crude oil are never an issue. The optimal solution to your task can always be found from among our
many construction materials and conveyance geometries.

The NEMO® Multiphase Pumps can handle oil, gas and
water mixtures witrh solids substituting the
expensive on-site separation pumping from the well
to the manifolds or gathering stations.

Product Range

  • NETZSCH NEMO® Multiphase Pumps
  • NETZSCH NEMO® Transfer Pumps
  • NETZSCH NEMO® NWI Water-Injection Pumps
  • NETZSCH Sump and Caisson Pump
  • NETZSCH Transfer TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pumps
  • NETZSCH Gas Compressor

Wide Range of Applications

  • Multiphase application
  • Booster pumps
  • Water injection
  • Polymer injection
  • Long distance transfer
  • Crude oil transfer from well to gathering station
  • Slurries
  • Drilling Mud
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Hydrocarbon condensate
  • Emptying Tanks
  • Mud-seawater
  • Oil-seawater
NETZSCH Oil & Gas Industry

NETZSCH Oil & Gas Industry

NETZSCH Oil & Gas Industry

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